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Free videos for volunteer drivers

Volunteer drivers are being encouraged to take a few moments to ensure they put safety first on their journeys in 2017.

“There is a huge need for volunteer drivers across the UK,” said Neil Worth, the Road Safety Officer at GEM Motoring Assist. “The tasks include providing essential journeys for those unable to use public transport, taking someone on a shopping or social trip, and even emergency responding on behalf of the ambulance service. We are keen that the profile of road safety for volunteers is raised, so that the risks they may face – often in potentially stressful situations – are minimised.”

A free GEM video resource is available for all volunteer drivers at It consists of three short videos, offering useful advice that will be relevant to most volunteer driving situations.

  • The first video focuses specifically on drivers, the vehicles they use and the journeys they make.
  • The second video has been devised in partnership with the ambulance service to assist those who volunteer as community first responders.
  • The third video looks at the principles of COAST: Concentration, Observation and Anticipation to give Time and Space – an excellent approach to driving for any volunteer.

The three videos, with accompanying quiz papers, are ideal for group viewing and discussion, but can equally be used by individuals.Text here ...