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Learner drivers on motorways from 4 June 2018

Learner drivers will be able to take motorway driving lessons with an approved driving instructor from 4 June, 2018.

At the moment, they can only have motorway lessons after they’ve passed their driving test. Some newly-qualified drivers take lessons through the voluntary Pass Plus scheme.

Any motorway lessons will be voluntary. Learners will need to be accompanied by an approved driving instructor and be driving a car fitted with dual controls. It will be up to the driving instructor to decide when the learner is competent enough for them.

Until the law changes, it is still illegal for a learner driver to drive on a motorway.

“By allowing learners to have lessons on motorways, we are modernising driver training and making sure learners get the skills and experience they need to drive on fast, busy roads,” Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency Chief Executive Gareth Llewellyn said.

Welcomes the change, IAM RoadSmart Director of Policy & Research, Neil Greig, said: “It has never made sense to us that new drivers on our most important roads learn how to use them by trial and potentially fatal error. The Government’s insistence on the use of approved instructors and dual-controlled cars is a welcome safeguard that will ensure consistent levels of training and a proper phased introduction to motorway driving skills.”