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Driverless cars could cut traffic delays

Around half of UK motorists still prefer to use traditional cash at pay and display machines when paying for parking, research commissioned by the British Parking Association has found.

Nearly a quarter of motorists said they were happy to use their credit/debit card at the pay and display machine, but were less comfortable with newer methods. For instance just 17% said they would prefer to use a mobile phone app, or to pay via text, a parking website or online.

The reasons they preferred using traditional methods included a distrust of newer technologies (cited by 28%). Added to this, 13% said they found the available apps and websites confusing. A further 12% worried that it would cost them more than necessary if they used a less traditional method.

Some 44% of motorists said that finding somewhere to park was a stressful experience, with only 28% saying it was stress free. Yet, just 17% of motorists said they had used a parking app to help them find a place to park and 25% said they were not aware that these apps and website even existed.

“Our previous research shows the majority of our members feel emerging technology will change or influence their organisation and the parking profession, with nearly three quarters developing or encouraging future technology in areas such as intelligent mobility,” Patrick Troy, the BPA’s Chief Executive said.

He added: “While this new research shows that most motorists still prefer to use cash, the BPA’s aim is to build public confidence in newer payment technologies which can make finding places to park and paying for parking easier and more convenient, and without the fear of something going wrong.”