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Poor driving habits could be costing you £500+ a year

Poor driving habits like aggressive braking or acceleration can cost motorists an extra £562 a year in added fuel bills, new research has revealed.

An analysis of driving patterns by Direct Line indicates that those with the best driving styles will spend an average of £837 per year on fuel, compared to £1,399 for those with the worst – a difference of 67%.

Drivers were rated on driving habits such as speed, braking and steering. Analysts studied over 319,000 journeys by more than 2,000 drivers during a two-month period and found that those with lowest ranking habits drive an average of 413 miles between petrol station fill ups, compared to 693 miles for those with the best scores.

Based on the average UK annual mileage of 8,200, it means that those with the lowest scores will have to visit the petrol station around 20 times per year – nearly twice as often as those with the highest rating, who need to fill up only 12 times on average.

“This new research really brings home the impact that poor driving habits will have on motorists’ budgets,” Paul Felton, the Head of Telematics at Direct Line, said. “When you add the fuel savings to the fact that better driving habits will lead to tyres lasting longer, and other wearable components like brakes not having to be replaced as often, the financial benefits can be significant.” Text here ...