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Sharp rise in use of online vehicle recalls tool

The Motor Ombudsman has recorded a substantial rise in the use of its online Vehicle Recalls tool.

Car manufacturers make every effort to communicate a recall to owners, and to get vehicles back into their franchise dealer network for repairs. But, in some cases, cars can slip through the net if they have been sold on or customers do not respond to a notification. allows motorists to find out quickly whether a specific make and model has been recalled through the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency’s safety recall scheme.

To find out, users simply need to enter their information into the Vehicle Recalls tool, including their car’s unique 17-digit Vehicle Identification Number, and the results will instantly show if any remedial work is required. In 2016, around 11% of searches showed an outstanding recall.

“The Vehicle Recalls portal has consistently proved a popular page on our website as it’s a one stop resource for motorists and businesses where all the essential information can be found quickly and easily,” Chief Ombudsman Bill Fennell said. “However, the ultimate aim is to help keep motorists safe by alerting them to any outstanding recalls and where repairs are necessary for a specific vehicle, which should always be completed as a priority.”

First introduced in 2015 as a voluntary initiative to increase the safety and peace of mind of UK consumers, the Motor Ombudsman’s Vehicle Recalls portal recorded an 80% increase in page views during the first four months of this year and is on course to surpass the 240,000 views recorded in 2016.